Annual Founders Letter

Propelled by the continued generosity of our caring donors, we were able to significantly expand our charitable programs and services in 2018. Project Phil raised over $27,000 from 100+ donors. This incredible support allowed us to grow our flagship Scholarship program and complement our educational initiatives with a new Health and Hunger program. 

We launched the Health and Hunger program in February 2018 in Manila and quickly expanded the program to service underserved communities in Baguio and Tagaytay. The program delivers food, medicines, hygiene products, clothing and other essentials to those that need it most. 

In 2018, we were able to service over 300 children and adults living in poverty. Project Phil sent 25 large care packages to our three locations filled with items that were personally donated or purchased with the funds we raised. We also hosted four community feeding events with hot meals and gifts for the children. These events allow us to get to know our communities better and identify the specific needs of the people we serve. In 2019, we will be expanding our Health and Hunger program to a fourth location in the Camotes Islands!

Our Scholarship program saw positive growth in 2018 as well. Project Phil awarded 40 private school scholarships to our partner school, Mater Dei Academy, for the 2018-19 school year. Our scholars received multiple honors in math, science, literature and other topics at regional academic competitions and all exceeded our rigorous grade average requirements. We also saw our first Project Phil scholar graduate Mater Dei Academy (with high honors!). He earned a full university scholarship and will be pursuing a career in aeronautical engineering. We couldn’t be more proud!

For the upcoming 2019-20 school year, we are thrilled to add 10 new scholarship slots bringing the total to 50. Looking ahead to 2020-21, our goals are to offer 60 private school scholarships and introduce university scholarships. This means we will soon be able to support our Project Phil scholarship students from junior high school all the way through university graduation!

Thanks again from the bottom of our hearts to all of our donors for supporting our educational and humanitarian mission in the Philippines. 


Cathy Valeros & Ben Pousty
Co-Founders, Project Phil 

Scholarship Program

Scholarship 2019.png


  • 40 private school scholarships awarded in 2018-19 school year

  • Project Phil scholars received multiple honors in regional academic competitions in math, science. literature and other subjects 

  • First scholar graduated with high honors and is attending university to study aeronautical engineering

  • 300 books, teaching materials and learning resources donated to schools in the Philippines 

  • 50 private school scholarships will be awarded in 2019-20 school year

2019 GOALS

  • Award 60 private school scholarships in 2020-21 school year

  • Launch university scholarships with 5-10 students in 2020-21

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Health and Hunger Program

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  • Launched program in Manila and quickly expanded to include underserved communities in Baguio and Tagaytay

  • Served 300+ underprivileged children and adults

  • Delivered 25 large care packages filled with food, medicines, hygiene supplies, clothing and other essentials

  • Four community feeding events with hot meals and gifts for children

2019 GOALS

  • Expand to a fourth location in the Camotes Islands 

  • Deliver 25 large care packages

  • Service 500+ children and adults 

  • Explore direct giving initiatives


Project Phil educates, feeds and cares for underprivileged students and families in the Philippines.

Our charitable programs award private school scholarships to high-achieving public school students and support families living in extreme poverty in Manila. Through our charitable work, we strive to break the generational cycle of poverty that has plagued the Philippines by delivering educational opportunity and elevating underserved communities.

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